RyuGin has been wonderfully converted to an atmospheric restaurant since Feburary 2009,
where decorated with Japanese traditional architectural skills and more tasteful and creative interior decoration.

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the plates of dragon
  • What does eRyuf of RyuGin mean
  • The answer is DRAGON. People has believed the dragon prevents evil brings good fortune for a long time. So it has been enshrined with drawings in Japanese temples and castles.
    Chef Yamamoto has been collected the plates of dragon from KEITOKUCHIN in China for a long time, which are decorated in our restaurant.
    Chef would like our customers to feel like gallery. And this showing is based on symbolism of our restaurant.

    About the plates
    Twenty-two plates are decorated on the wall.
    Originally Japanese ceramics like IMARI,KUTANI,or KYOYAKI comes from KEITOKUCHIN.
    Those ceramics Chef Yamamoto has collected are gratefully high- quality finished form and in a dignified way.
    We hope you could enjoy them with beautiful dishes.
wall drawing
  • Wall Drawing
  • The wall is drawn floaty cloud on the Japanese paper by Echizen.
    This is extraordinary made for RYUGIN by Heizaburo Iwama who has award in Japan.
    We would like you to synchronize Japan since ancient times and modern atmosphere.
    Then you will feel new Japanese cuisine and style or space.
    Also those great plates would stand out against the wall.
  • Welcome table and chair
  • Table cloth - We have been thinking how we can present like clear or brilliant with beautiful serving plates or bawls and our great dishes.
    Then it is used charcoal gray weaving wave pattern.

    Center cloth - We present e THE JAPANESEf by center cloth which is weaved by Nishijin from Kyoto.
    There are themes like DRAGON and RINPA.
    We will be happy if you could enjoy with the Japanese taste of the combination of the center cloth and welcome plate.

    Chair - Our chair is made from WOOD YOU LIKE COMPANY. You feel like comfortable and relax.
dragon printing
  • DRAGON PAINTING in the center of wall
  • It is drawn by Japanese artist painter Sasaki who is one of cheffs friend.
    His works are totally great with SUIBOKUGA ( ink-painting) . Also he provides dynamic design service.
    Chef carried his all thought to him. Then this painting was honed to perfection.
private room
  • Private Room:
  • Only one room maximum 4 persons.