Nihonryori RyuGin

A Revision of Reservation System

We will change our reservation system from 1stDecember 2018 due to make more convenient and easily to get a seat for you.

We will take a reservation until end of month after next from 1stof month.
It means that we accept a reservation until end of February from 1stof December. 

Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Frequent questions. * The following is an answer to a question from our customer.

Q; There is a party who is having only “Crab dish” or “Fugu dish” at the other table.

Is there any special course at RyuGin?

Why didn’t you tell me that special course at the time of booking?

I can’t visit Japan often, I think it would be better to have an announcement of those courses.


A; When we receive a request such as “Something different next time” from regular customer who come often, we serve “Fugu dish” or “Crab dish ” as a “Seasonal limited course”.

Please click here for further details.



Q; Are we able to meet Chef Yamamoto?


A; Ryugin won’t open at the absence of Yamamoto.

This is our promise from Ryugin to our customer.

When you visit us, Yamamoto will be in our kitchen.



Q; I’ve noticed, the table next to ours have different meals compared to us. 


A; We are welcoming first visitors as well as repeating customers.

We try to serve different meals from the last one as much as possible for repeating customer besides their special requests.

Each dish is carefully prepared and completed by Yamamoto, and guaranteed under the name of Ryugin.