Please read through our reservation procedure and the cancellation policy before.

About Reservation

The guidance about reservation. Please read it before calling.

The reservations for the next month start on the 1st of the actual month.
For example, the reservation for October is starting from September 1st at 11:30AM.
We apologize the fact that we cannot take reservations 2 months before, thank you for your understanding

For guests living overseas, we only take reservation through the hotel. If you wish to make a reservation during a visit to Japan, please contact the hotel where you will stay in Tokyo and ask them to make the reservation for you.

If there are some seats available, we are very happy to welcome you on the same day. So please, don't hesitate to contact us.
Also, the reception desk can take the booking from 11:30am.

RyuGin will call you a day before your reservation day to confirm if there is any changes to the number or party, time, or any ingredients that cannot be eaten.

If the phone number that you provided us during the reservation were not able to connect you, we are asking the customer to contact us a day before at 18:00PM to confirm the reservation.

In addition, if your reservation day is after the restaurantfs holiday, please contact the restaurant before the holiday starts.

Cancellation Policy

If we could not confirm with you directly, whether calling your cell phone and telephone number you have provided, or calling the hotel that you would be staying and did not find your name, we will send an invoice of 20,000JPY per person.

Regrettably our recent and repetitive experiences result to this precaution. Thank you for your understanding and please call us for any questions.

Reservation availabletime : 11:30am-6:00pm

Our Requests to All the Guests

We offer Japanese cuisine at RyuGin and in order to fully enjoy our dishes, we ask you to be sensible with the amount of perfume or eau de cologne you wear as the aroma of the dishes are very subtle and delicate.

Thank you very much in advance.