Nihonryori RyuGin

RyuGin "Fugu (Puffer Fish) Feast" Winter Tale

We, the Japanese restaurant RyuGin, will celebrate our 20th anniversary December 2023.
We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have visited RyuGin until today for your 20 years of patronage.

To commemorate this 20th anniversary, we are revamping "Winter at RyuGin".
When we think of "Winter", we think of nothing less than the "Natural Tiger Puffer Fish” weighing over 5kg...

Up until now, we have continued to offer a special course known as the "Fugu Course" during the short winter season.
However, starting in mid-January 2024, "Winter at RyuGin" will be offering only one course - the "Fugu Feast Course”.

Representative Yamamoto's most beloved fish... and with all our feelings from the past 20 years,
we are dedicating ourselves to presenting it to our customers.

We will serve only the "Fugu Feast Course," featuring carefully selected top-quality natural tiger pufferfish, from mid-January to the end of March 2024.
Our kitchen and service team will put all their effort into showing off the hidden luxury of the over 5kg
"Natural Tiger Puffer Fish" sparing no time and effort during this two-and-a-half-month period.

Please come and savor the "Fugu Course" that a “Japanese restaurant that does not specialize in fugu” has created, based on the spirit of Kaiseki.

RyuGin Fugu Course 77,000JPY per person (incl. tax)

Our regular courses (priced at 44,000JPY per person, incl. tax) will resume in April.
We will then showcase the richness of the natural environment with the charm of spring in full bloom.

Chef Yamamoto with 6kg Tiger Pufferfish.

We welcome you with a Fugu welcome plate.

Fugu broth
Superb soup

Fried a bite-size Fugu on a skewer
Sweet and sour flavored

“Bowl" of grilled milt and black truffle
Elegant white miso flavour

Crispy milt with rice crackers granular

Tessa (Fugu sashimi)
Definitely! Thick slice!

Large fins!
The aroma is also very strong

“Hirezake” with charcoal roasted fins

Amber-coloured superb Hirezake

The milt is also big

Pipping hot "Grilled Milt" on the Teppan
Grilled with Soy based sauce

“Fugu Mandala”
A variety of rare parts in small portions
Sip a Hirezake with

Various parts
This is for “Grilled Fugu” over charcoal

It is more like "Fried Fugu drumstick"

Fugu Yu-Dofu RyuGin style
If you like to try a small portion of “Tecchiri” (Fugu hot pot)

Fugu Zosui (Porridge).... With milt of course!
The gelatinous of the skin creates a thick and creamy texture on your tongue.

In addition to the courses, there are a variety of other dishes.
Some of them are listed below.

Fugu skin, Tooto-umi (gelatinous), Mikawa (thin skin), Fillet, Monkfish liver with Ponzu vinegar.

Then add the char-grilled milt and crumble it into the mixture.

We can also prepare "Tecchiri" (Fugu hot pot) for one person in a small pot.
Enjoy with the aroma of Yuzu citrus.

Speciality “Fugu Ramen”

We will deliver the naughty pleasure of breaking the 'Concepts' and 'Traditional forms' of Fugu cuisine, incorporating a playful spirit and a serious commitment.
A moment of gourmet indulgence is a precious luxury that fills the heart.
Please entrust those few hours to RyuGin.